Greetings From Us !

It is a great honor for us to introduce Mantari Tours & Travel which is established in early 2014 and located in the Central of Jakarta. With a boutique travel concept, our aim is giving services for important person like you whom we care with personal touch. As our philosophy, A Journey of Lifetime, we are offering you a flexible, convenience and enjoyable journey.

Mantari Travel establishment departs from the mission of providing reachable, friendly and convenient travel arrangements in order to fulfill your needs either to personal or business trips for domestic and international routes.


From our successful colleagues in the tourism industry, we have learned that only satisfaction clients will return and ask for more the services they provide.

Though we are new in the tourism industry but with our outstanding and experienced Travel Consultant, nothing is impossible to provide the most excellent services just for you.

Our Travel Consultant will give you any travel information you need for your next journey professionally and they do their best to update every information for all of our clients.


Since we are new in the travel business, our focus is now put not on increasing volume and revenues only but rather on improving our quality of service we provide and we have to admit that it is not easy.

We do understand that increasing volume and revenues are the most important goals we must reach and we believe that the  strong relationship we have with our friends in the airlines, hotels and tour operators locally and internationally specially with your full support which we thank you, convincing us to step forward together with our friends in the travel business.


With an advancing technology nowadays as you also know, we will update our equipment with the latest information especially from airlines, hotels and of tourism objects around the globe and in fact, those are the most important tools for us too, in order to give you a smooth trip to your destinations.

We are using two of the industry’s most powerful Global Distribution Systems,

Abacus and Galileo Reservation System. This ensures you access to availabilities and provide schedules for airlines, hotels, car rental in the world with the latest availability.

Beside telephone, hand- phone and facsimile lines for communications, we have also e-mail address and all are mentioned to make you easier to reach us for your travel requirements.

In the next phase and to expand our services to all clientele with the information technology, we will come closer to you with the e-business in the hope that it will be the website-internet users go to when they plan the trips.

Those are the strong reasons and optimism which will makes us to go forward in this millennium era and to continue provide our dearest clientele the best services they never had before.


We understand the needs for corporate travel management solutions that fit your business processes and integrate your workflow. It should also, at the same time, create cost savings.

Travel represents one of the highest expenses for most companies where travel has not been focused in terms of significant cost reductions.

For most companies, a large number of trips can be predefined in lesser number of trips, thus, reducing the unnecessary travel cost and maximize efficiency. Therefore, wherever your office or your residence is, we provide a wide range of relevant travel services and deliver it to your place.


For many companies, incentive travel has become one of the solutions to motivate their employees, suppliers and distributors or to reward distinguished clientele.

Research have shown that incentive travel is the most effective form of motivational tool global management can utilize to increase profitability, productivity and efficiency.

Our Travel Consultant will assist in anyway the needs of incentive travel, therefore, make sure to give us a call the next time you want to create productive and inspiring itineraries for personal and company travel program.


Our main travel arrangements:

  1. Personal and corporate air-tickets arrangement (International and Domestic Ticket)
  2. Personal and corporate accommodations arrangement (International and Domestic Hotel)
  3. Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Exhibitions arrangement (Inbound and Outbound MICE Arrangement)
  4. Educational and familiarization tours (Inbound and Outbound Tour)
  5. Travel Documents (Visa, Passport, KITAS, etc)
  6. Series Tour (Outbond & Domestic)
  7. Luxury Cruise
  8. Umrah & Hajj


Brand Name Mantari Travel
Address Citra Grand Cibubur CBD Blok FR 02, No. 8, Jl. Alternatif Cibubur, Jatirangga, Jatisampurna, Bekasi
Establishment 08/01/14
Business Concept Boutique Travel
C.E.O Rachmansyah
Number of Staff 10 persons


With this brief information, we would be grateful if we could have a mutual benefit relationship in the future as we will highly appreciate and welcome you when you visit our company on the address mentioned.

Mantari Travel establishment departs from the mission of providing reachable, friendly and convenient travel arrangements in order to fulfill your needs either to personal or business trips for domestic and international routes.